Petite, fluffy girl seeks home

This 13 pounds of love is in search of the perfect companion.

Evie is looking for someone to snuggle with, someone to love. She’s fine with other dogs in the household, large or small. Evie’s all about the play (aggression’s not her cup of tea, don’t you know) — and then she’s all about the nap that follows. She’s dainty, is Little Evie Curlilocks, but get her outside with friends and her inner tomboy surfaces. Dog park, you say? Lead on!

Inside the house, she’s well behaved. There’s no chewing nonsense from Miss Evie. She’ll stick to the dog-approved bones you give her. One thing though, which she’s a bit embarrassed to admit, she does like to wear clothes. They make her feel more secure in the world. (Well, what’s a small dog to do?) As a bonus, because she’s a poodle mix, the coat Evie was born with tends to be hypoallergenic and she doesn’t shed. Translation: ever so easy to care for.

At seven, Evie is perhaps the perfect age. Pert and lively, but also quite ready to settle into those quieter moments. And she’ll be up for whatever you want to watch, that’s the way she rolls. All she wants is her special someone, someone who wants to share their days and nights — and their heart — with her.

Evie went home with her forever parents that week.